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Empower a volunteer to deliver the new Nigeria

We are empowering 200,000 volunteers to go out and talk to at least 100 people about the message of A New Nigeria.

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“You are tired and frustrated about the state of Nigeria.”

“We have the solution. But we need your help.”

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Volunteer For Nigeria

These 200,000 volunteers are Nigerian youths that are also fed up with the state of Nigeria and want to do something.
But can't do it because of lack of funds.

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Support our Volunteers

We encourage you to empower a volunteer with as little as N10,000 to carry out this exercise for the next 80 days. So we get a Nigeria we truly deserve.

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N10,000 per volunteer

Donate to Fela Durotoye’s 2019 campaign now!

Donate via GT Bank
fela durotoye party

GTBank account holders can now conveniently

GIVE by dialing the USSD string in the format below:


Account Name: Fela Durotoye Support Initiative

  • USD: 0355708973

  • NGN: 0355708904

  • GBP: 0355707804

  • EUR: 0355708997

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We're doing this the right way, we want to be accountable to YOU, working for you, and that’s why we need your help.

Skeptics have said expecting people to be committed enough to own this campaign isn’t the way to build a grassroots movement , but they’re wrong. It’s the right way to do politics.

This commitment will create a grassroots campaign capable of not just changing the outcome of the 2019 election—but capable of changing the course of this country.

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