The Movement

About New Nigeria Movement

New Nigeria Movement is a socio-political movement for fresh and young Nigerians who dream and believe in a new and better Nigeria. New Nigeria Movement has identified patriotism and leadership as one of the major defects and weaknesses of the present political system. These become a major concern and labour of the movement. Hence, the movement seeks to instill patriotism, leadership and other democratic values in members to enable them fit for social and political leadership for National Development.

  • A Foundation

    To Build Humanitarianism

    In a bid to deliver social intervention and development programmes which is part of the major goals of the movement, the movement operates a foundation which serves as a platform for social activities. Through the foundation, we organise value orientation programmes and social welfare projects. These volunteered services aim to build patriotism, humanitarianism and competence in our members.

  • Business Enterprise

    To Empower Members of the Society

    The movement runs a business enterprise in order to be financially independent. These include agribusiness, magazine publications and other viable businesses, which will enable the movement to empower members of the society through job creation.

  • Political Party

    To Make Positive Contribution

    The movement intends to make positive contributions to governance through our trained leaders. We believe that owning a political party will help promote, sponsor and support our own candidates for political position to champion the course of our vision, which is a new Nigeria. Without the political party, we believe our participation in governance will still be limited and our members who aspire for political leadership under the umbrella of existing political parties might be subjected to unfair system of the political parties.

Tranformation Projects

In 2004, Fela founded the New Nigeria movement and began building a track record of implementing numerous national transformation projects. These include:

  • App
Speaker's Corner

An initiative he created to inspire and build effective communication skills;

Mushin Makeover

The largest urban renewal project in Nigeria’s history;

Gemstone Global Reading Festival

An initiative to improve reading culture;

Project Raise

An academic excellence initiative that improved the national ranking of Oyo State secondary schools from #28 to #3 in one year;

Deliver The Future Project

A leadership training initiative targeted at students and staff of select universities across Nigeria

In addition, he has developed and promoted a personal creed of 10 lifestyle statements holding Nigerians to an esteemable moral, ethical, and social standard. This creed is the largest non-governmental effort to reorient the citizens of a nation and integrate a value system into our nation’s consciousness in recent times. It has been adopted by more than 30,000 Nigerians, including the Anambra state government.

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