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Why Join A Political Party?

Beyond getting your PVC, there's something far more important if you desire to be actively involved in the electoral process of your nation, and in ensuring that the very best candidates are given a chance to represent your interest. This kind of opportunity is only accessible by becoming a member of a registered political party.

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The following are some very important reasons you should join a political party amongst others:

  • It’s a way of meeting people who share similar beliefs and value systems like you.
  • It is the major platform that enables you help candidates you support get elected.
  • You might be able to influence and change the party’s policies on issues you care about.
  • You may be able to vote on who the party leader should be, who the party’s local candidates should be, and Influence other such decisions based on your interest.
  • You’ll be able to attend events and conferences organised by the Party.

Why Join ANN?

  1. ANN doesn't select candidates based on votes by party delegates (a selected few) as is usually done erroneously by other political parties. In ANN, every member is a delegate and is involved actively in the selection of the candidates who represent their interest.
  2. ANN has core values such as transparency, integrity, accountability, excellence; values that we all want adopted as a culture in Nigeria. This is why Fela Durotoye decided to join them in the first place, and this is why you can't go wrong following in his steps.
  3. If Fela Durotoye is your candidate of choice and you believe that he has what it takes as presidential aspirant to represent your interests, then it is necessary that you become a member of his political party which is Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) in order to give him your full support to win the Party's presidential primaries first, and ultimately to win in the general presidential elections come 2019.
  4. Joining ANN is not only the best way to support Fela Durotoye, but it will also allow you associate with compatriots who are keen on birthing a New Nigeria just like you. This association can lead to many other collaborations that will result in the development, prosperity, unity and progress of our beloved nation, Nigeria.
Process for Joining ANN
  1. Visit
  2. Register online to become a member.
  3. Register as a member with your State's ANN office.
  4. Obtain your membership card for ANN.

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